Process Improvement
through Technology


About Us

LSI LogoLane Systems, Inc., located in Davao City Philippines, is comprised of a team of highly competent information technology professionals offering software development and consulting with a wide range of software and hardware solutions including software running on portable computers for barcode and RFID. Starting as a small company doing offshore development work exclusively for clients in North America in 1995, Lane Systems launched its services to world wide clients in 1999. Our offshore and local clients have grown significantly since then. Today, the company is actively promoting IT development in the Philippines and is closely working with government agencies in building solutions for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and encouraging them to automate their business processes.

Lane Systems exists to provide an ever-increasing level of quality software, consulting, service and responsiveness to our customers for very reasonable costs, while creating a corporate culture that fosters respect, personal growth, responsibility and opportunities for our employees. We are uniquely committed to customer service, transparency in conducting business and the long-term nature of our business vision.

Believing in continuously investing in our skills, professionalism, capabilities and internal standards, the company strives to be the leading solution provider in the city and enable businesses to improve their processes. The goal is not only to provide solutions but to generate awareness on the advantages of computerization and new technologies available. We are equipped with the infrastructure for developing high quality applications, and experience in designing, developing, implementing and supporting enterprise-type applications as well as the expertise in Voice over IP and PC Telephony solutions.

Our services range from building custom software to complete automated business solutions so uniquely tailored that we maintain to be very competitive and effective in the corporate and high-tech startup markets. We also provide support for our custom software applications as well as the commercial applications that we are licensed to sell, as we are online 24 hours everyday on the Internet.

Lane Systems is unique in several aspects; among them is the unparalleled ability to examine a business challenge, apply appropriate technology solutions, and effectively articulate the solution to our own teams and the customer from start to finish. We guarantee customer satisfaction as we go the “extra mile” to see that our customers know we mean business when we say we are committed to them.

Lane Systems latest efforts involve developing RFID application software for the EPCGlobal C1G2 (ISO 18000-6C) high memory RFID tags used at Boeing, Airbus, and across the aviation industry.

Lane Systems is an ISV Partner for Microsoft, Southeast Asia distributor for Vertical, partner for 3CX IP PBX, software partner of ID-Integration, and partner of Technology Solutions LLC.


We provide the expert services with a high rate of success.


We provide consulting services for designing the right software solution for you. From process engineering to selecting and implementing the right technology for your modern business challenges.

Project Management

Successful software project depends on meticulous Project Management. From planning, team management, task distribution, monitoring, facilitating code reviews, issue resolution, quality control, and reporting.

Software Development

Lane Systems has been building applications for desktops, web enablement, server applications, integration with legacy systems leveraging customer's existing investments, Integration to ERP's, mobility, and telephony.

Software Testing

Our service for your software on deriving the possibilities of events, activities, and conditions; testing the functionality of software, adherence to requirements, usability, performance, scalability, and security.

Technical Support

Delivering the best designed software does not end after release. Software usability is measured with end user satisfaction - and additionally providing the support services at the right time and providing response at the right moment.


We offer services to handle your technical, IT related, and IT assistance requirements as an extension of your IT department without worrying continuity of resources and expertise. We provide the right people for you.

Why choose us?

We have the expertise and experience you can depend on.

Lane Systems core service is focused on software development. Started in 1995 doing software for offshore customers, Lane Systems today has served several US, Australia, Asia, and Philippine; clients with different requirements for projects both short term and long term. Lane Systems invests heavily on software development tools and periodically improves its methods and expertise to keep up with cutting edge software development technologies.

Lane Systems Core Expertise is focused on Microsoft's .NET and related technologies. Lane Systems has built applications for desktops, server applications, integration with legacy systems leveraging customer's existing investments, Integration to ERP's, Microsoft Office integration, Windows Mobile on rugged portable digital terminals, web enabled applications, custom applications for Windows SharePoint, systems integration via Web Services and WCF, and realtime systems.

For database backend, Lane Systems develops applications based on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle and we have the expertise to build highly optimized and scalable databases, complex stored procedures and functions, and uses SQL Server Reporting Services for scalable, web-enabled, automated, and professionally written reports. Lane Systems implements coding standards for writing source codes and meticulously writes technical documentations to assure easy continuity and manageability of the written software.

In each project, we provide an online project tacking for project visibility. We share with our customers our progress. Each feature and functionality is represented by a functional specifications such that even before delivering the software, we can communicate how the software looks, how it works, and how it performs.


We provide modern solutions to modern business challenges

Enterprise Realtime Data Capture

  • We build software and solutions based on mobile Personal Digital Terminals (PDT). For realtime warehousing, inventory, and field data collection.

Web Enabled Business Software

  • Web enabling takes advantage of internet technologies for you business. No worries of deployment to each desktop and locations globally.

Backend Server Processing

  • We build high performing Windows Service applications triggered by time or event and processing complex calculations with huge amounts of data.

Business Workflow

  • Workflows to take advantage of process and control. Workflows for approval, information routing, business state management, and data orchestration.

Auto ID

  • Automatic identification of items and documents through barcode and RFID. Minimizing errors and speeds up the process - fast and efficient.

Cloud Computing

  • We have provided customers the service to move to the cloud and maintaining applications in the cloud. Via web or hybrid corporate infrastructure.